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The State of DEBT Box Projects 02-2023

“I don’t give anyone financial advice BUT I sure as hell am not selling and NEVER have yet!!! The Tokenomics speak volumes to anyone that understands what is really happening to the supply at these prices!!!!!! HODL is what the big players are doing as they will never need to sell anything shortly!!!!!! Crypto banking via MasterCard and a Crypto bank account leads to banking and loans in the next 12 months… what if the top 40% holders all took their tokens and banked them for lines of credit at very low interest rates and never needed to suffer a tax hit for selling tokens? What if this was leading to self banking and true financial growth for the long run…. What if that was just around the corner (12 months or less) what would that mean to the holders and their portfolios? 

Think bigger everyone!!! You haven’t seen anything yet and most of you don’t even know what disruption you are involved with yet!!! In a year maybe 20% will say they see the big picture… in my opinion less than 2-3% see where we are going and actually understand the power of this ecosystem to change the world!! 

This isn’t about today or tomorrow!! This is about changing everyone’s lives forever… when you finally see and understand the Tokenomics and the power of these burns you will see the light of evolution!!! 

Multiple Millions of ecosystems tokens are being burned every single month!! BILLIONS OF USD VALUE HAS ALREADY BEEN BURNED OF BGLD AND NATG.. everyone is looking at the today price because they too want to sell… NO ONE THAT UNDERSTANDS CARES ABOUT THE DAY TO DAY PRICE!! we actually get excited because we understand how much token is being bought and burned right now… 

Please take time and invest in yourself… educate yourself on crypto and supply and demand and look at the Tokenomics and run your own math!! Run it out 2,3,4,5 years and then see if you see the light and the disruption YOU ARE NOW A PART OF AS A NODE HOLDER!! Short or long term holds you are apart of this so take some time to understand it.” – Jason Anderson, Co-Founder and Council Member of The DEBT Box

DEBT Box Projects: MASSIVE Potential 02-2023

The Legends Show with Jim Brady (DEBT Box Illuminating Insights)

“This will change thousands of times before April 3rd. It’s based on speed licenses sell, amount of tokens in the EGI, amount of tokens hitting the open market and the amount of assets waiting to buy and burn from the underlying project. The starting price is just that the starting price. This is the same as all projects we have launched. Debt token .01 / Grow .01 / BGLD .00001 and so on. It is not a value used to dictate profitability because that is subjective to the holders selling time and market value at the time of sell. Example BGLD did 42k tokens a day at the beginning and value if sold daily was under $1.00 if I held to today’s price that $500 a day that license made… it’s perspective and everyone needs to educate themselves and understand the potential of this ecosystem. LONG TERM holders are benefiting HUGE and the short term holders are making pennies. Supply and demand is at the core of our ecosystem. Holders like myself are gaining BIG off of all the selling so not upset about it but just wait a year and your dashboard will tell you the value you walked away from by selling early!!

Well this proves my point on education and comparing mining projects… 

Example… you obviously have heard of bitcoin so let’s use the most common coin and popular coin in the world..

Cost of the BEST mining equipment with the highest rewards will cost about $11,300 today and with cost to run, hosting and maintenance it will make around $9.12 a day At todays price of BTC. This is also so power hungry it can not be ran at your house it must be in a data center… 

$11,300 / $9.12 that’s 1,239 days to break even and BAD news is it will probably only work for 3 years TOPS.. so that at current valuations will loose $!! And never make it up unless BTC goes back to 60k (I think it will but when is the real question no one knows)

Debt licenses are a one time purchase for a perpetual run time. This means it will essentially run for decades!! Who cares if year one or even year 2 is the break even. This ecosystem was built to last with the underlying projects like ALUM that has over 200 years in development. It’s already a 85 year old project and it’s not even scratching the surface…


NO project in the world is doing what we are and I challenge everyone of the 397,000 active users of Debt to provide me anything that completes because it doesn’t exist!!! We are it!! We are the disruption and we are changing the world!! 

I appreciate everyone here that wants to learn and ask questions. The ups and downs only matter to people also wanting to sell right now and that amazing we can provide liquidity for you to do just that.. sell or hold if you own a perpetual license you will eventually see the vision.” – Jason Anderson, Co-Founder and Council Member of The DEBT Box


DEBT Box Satellite FUD 02-2023

“No offense taken at all… FUD is a used term in the crypto space regularly and is very common. I do understand the desire for more information and more details about the royalties and so on. That desire is NOT FUD so don’t think that’s what I’m saying at all. 

The XPLR technology has not only been used in Ghana now for years but it is VERY heavily sought after. It has been certified by Ghana’s own Minerals Commission as well as the geology department that I stated in my reply.

The DEBT project and structure was designed to reward users with rewards for running software. That’s it. The words Investor, ROI, equity, ownership and so on just don’t apply to what we have setup or sell.. we sell software to participate in our blockchain projects. My frustration is and has come from users over promising or saying investment and quoting ridiculous quick profits… That isn’t what we have built and it’s not what we are selling. 

Now just for clarification and further understanding. Yes we are definitely dealing with a lot of users that are trying to do due diligence on the underlying projects. Example: we have been working with an aerospace company for a long time trying to join forces and share technologies. Announcing this partnership has caused them hundreds of phone calls a week and a ton of misleading information/totally false claims out on YouTube and other social media platforms and this is a public company with regulatory implications… This has now happened multiple times from the IX side from people who have one or 2 licenses.. this is really really bad for the ecosystem and we even had this company make a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THEM AND POSTED IT ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE. Anyone in the world would understand our frustration at this point. 

For some more clarity DEBT is a product not the underlying company’s name that owns or developed that product. 

Every joint venture or royalty is also separated to protect each of the underlying projects. Every technology is isolated in it’s own unique entity. 

DEBT is the ecosystem that pulls it all together. Just like other companies and the way they operate…

Example: UBER 

Uber gets paid fees but 

-The cars used is unimportant 

-The person that owns the car is unimportant 

-The car being free and clear or having a loan in it is unimportant 

-The car being a SUV or Compact is unimportant 

-The rate charged and contracted in unimportant 

-Where in the world the ride took place is unimportant 

I am NOT trying to be rude or come across in any manner other than sharing information. 

What does matter and really is the only thing that is relevant to a node holder is number of projects generally (this shows growth and stability) and the amount that was burned as a result of the projects.

The FUD I talk about most often is the conspiracy theory’s that have zero basis and they are stated with zero evidence or proof. It’s being used to intentionally manipulate the price of a project and then the same person is buying low and selling at a higher price. (We are tracking this and yes it is happening) Not saying this comment but yes in general things like this.

DEBT is not known in the GHANA as a name but we literally sit with government officials regularly and one of the underlying companies is a government contractor with a multi million dollar contract. NO this company will never be posted because of the fact how the contract reads and most government contracts are non disclosable and again it’s irrelevant to a node holder as they have no interest in that contract. 

Thanks for your work and time and I hope this sheds light on some of the issues.” – Jason Anderson, Co-Founder and Council Member of The DEBT Box

The Legends Show with Jim Brady Part 2(DEBT Box Golden Nuggets)

“At DEBT we are all about doing and not saying or hyping.. but common sense can be used so if roughly 17 puts 3.2-3.3 burn to BGLD what will 200 wells that are all in underwriting put??? 10x that? It’s at least possible and not a baseless assumption like half of what I hear people saying and correct them. We will continue to post burns as they happen and show the past and we really don’t need to speculate about what could happen because what IS already happening if nothing else changes is enough to power these projects for decades!!!!”

Let us continue to add value and see the results not the hype!