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Create an iX GLOBAL Account

    • Copy and paste the link received from opt-in email: You will see a sign up form as shown to the right. Fill it out.
    • Make note: Username is CASE-SENSITIVE. We recommend using ALL lowercase for ease.
    • Check your e-mail! A temporary password will be sent to you that allows you to set a password of your choosing + log into backoffice.
    • You must have a minimum of $25 in package add-ons ($10 + $15) in order to be placed in our iX Community’s Power Line Genealogy.
    • Your account must be placed before you are able to sign up people. Your account will be placed within 24-72 hours. Contact us if need placement ASAP.
    • The recommended package to start with is the “PRO Pack” for FULL qualification and iX Academy access.
    • For an X-Node focused enrollment- sign up with minimum $25 and purchase any X-Node product: Node Rental or Perpetual License.

iX Global Backoffice Tips and Tricks

Create an X-Node Account and Manage

  • Set up X-Node account by going to “Go to Products” > “X-Node Account” in the backoffice. For reference: X-Node Account Creation
X-Node Hosting

Document PDFs & Resources

Welcome E-MailNew Member ChecklistX-Node Account CreationHow to Check Status of X-Node LicenseHow to Purchase Hosting CreditsiX Global Official Presentation (2023)How to Use Support Widget in the Backoffice

iX and DEBT Support

Join the DEBT Box Official Discord Group for Q&A and Announcements
How to Subscribe to iX Global Official Telegram Announcements
Join the DEBT Box Official Telegram Group for Support
Advice and answers from the D.E.B.T. Tech Support Team

SECURITY DOs and DON’Ts! (DEBT Box Account)



  • DON’T give your password or mnemonic phrase to anyone (don’t give it to a friend, ANY family member, your upline, your leader, customer support, your neighbor, etc.)
  • DON’T Click to connect your wallet to any offers (D.E.B.T. will not need you to click on anything or register to deposit airdrops to your D.E.B.T. wallet.)
  • DON’T attempt to login to your account using any link other than those provided above.


Please send us a message on anything regarding the iX Global Business and The DEBT Box. Keep in mind- this is NOT support.