ix global membership description guide



Product: This is an additional product and service which you can add on to your monthly membership fee. This allows you to select the services most suited to your needs. For Pro and Premium membership levels some of these products are already included. Please check membership package options.

Price: This is the cost of the Add On per each cycle. The Add On must be manually renewed each cycle.

Direct Bonus: This is the commission paid to the Brand Ambassador each cycle as payment for selling the Add On products and services

Volume (PV): Volume is the points per Add On that contribute to your overall Point volume and towards your bonuses and commission.

Cycle: A cycle is 28 days and in this period all PV points are awarded when sales, subscription renewals are generated within your team. The cycle refreshes every 28 days.

Business Volume Validity: The PV points awarded are only valid for the cycle period noted with the subscription / Add-on / X-Node License.

Product Validity: This is for how long the product is valid for before it expires and requires a renewal. Product validity cycle is variable on the X-Node Rentals.

DISCLAIMER: Add-on’s are subject to change or be removed, pricing and bonuses are also subject to change without notice. Crypto products and NFTs are
unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.”

How to purchase an Add-on & / or X-Node
Perpetual or Rental License.

Follow these steps to purchase your Add-on and / or X-Node service. You can do his at any time during your cycle.

1. Click “Purchase Package”
2. Click the NEW “Purchase Add-On Only” button

Educational Add-ons & X-Node Add-ons come under different categories.

● Select Your ‘Add- On’ by clicking the ‘Add on cart’ button Your chosen item will appear in the ‘shopping cart’ lower down the page.

● Transfer to ‘X-Node Add-Ons’ if also purchasing an X-Node(s) (Perpetual/ Rental). Your chosen item(s) will appear in the ‘Shopping cart’ lower down the page.

ix global package upgrades

● Please observant of the Quantities in the text so you know how many Perpetual / Rentals you are purchasing.

● Description includes PV and Direct Bonus and Product Validity.


● All your purchases will appear in the Shopping cart (as below). Please check your orders and ‘delete’ or redo any of them if they are wrong. If you are happy with your purchases please click ‘continue’.

x-node shopping cart

● Next you will receive an order summary along with your profile details and the full amount payable

ixgloba billing

● To complete your payment choose one for the payment options available to you. Follow their instructions to finalise your payment.

● For ongoing support after purchase please see the X-Node Welcome email you receive and connect with your business team leader for any questions you may have.

ixglobal payment options

How to Verify your account on the TELEGRAM

If you’re an active member you need to go to our Telegram Bot vía our iX app and “Verify” your subscription status to gain access into our official trading alert channels. You can also simply go to telegram and do the following.

The Telegram App is a FREE app available in your Apple or Google Store

Step 1: Locate our bot @ixglobalbot
Step 2: For current members you can send: /cancel & new members just send: /start
Step 3: Send: /verify
Step 4: Follow the prompt message & send your iX Academy username
Step 5: Receive the list of channels & join one by one
Step 6: Please ensure you join the Announcement Telegram Channels where we share our updates,
promotions, information and newly updated documents.

Whenever you make a change to your membership or you purchase an Add On service you will need to repeat the above process as this process refreshes your channel list.

ix global telegram
ix global membeship prices

For X-Node Perpetual & Rentals Prices, Direct Bonus & PV please see the ‘Detailed X-Node Mining Sheet in the ‘Download resources’ in your back office or the Corporate Dropbox.

x-node membership

X-Node Perpetual & Rentals

The X-Node Perpetual & Rental Licenses are an exclusive Token service in partnership with ‘DEBT Box’.

DEBT Box digital currency projects are linked to real world commodities through the blockchain to add stability to its ecosystem by supporting tangible physical commodity production, such as gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, agriculture, real-estate, and royalty cash flows, with more projects to be announced. The Debt Box ecosystem benefits from the physical production of these commodities by supporting real world projects that generate revenues. The DEBT token is the utility token for the ecosystem.

Utilizing DEBT’ Box’s proprietary software, you can create a portfolio of blockchain miners. By purchasing and managing different software node licenses you can earn rewards from several asset classes, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You are able to purchase a Perpetual or Rental X-Node License. Each project has a different cost (Please refer to the ‘Detailed X-Node Mining Sheet’ for current prices. Each license includes a direct bonus and a points value per cycle.

To make the purchase Log in to www.ixacademy.us and go to ‘Package Purchase’ (in Account Management) and follow the steps shared in this document.