iX Global Community News

Platform Updates
This week on the Global call we announced some important updates.

Automated KYC
The KYC verification process is now automated and an important element of ensuring that everyone is compliant and to be coming an iX Global Brand Ambassador.  It is managed by a third party verification software system and they conduct a deep KYC.  If you are having trouble passing KYC, iX Global will be coming out with a KYC Policy and this is intended to protect the company. If you are unable to pass your KYC then our compliance department will be involved to discuss the on going business relationship for the account.

To support this process we have written a short document called ‘How to complete your Verification Process’.  This document is available in the Download resources section of the back office and in the iX Global Corporate Dropbox under Brand Ambassador Resources.

– ‘Pay with Wallet’ Implemented
For any of the Perpetual or Rental X-Node License(s) you can use the ‘unlocked’ portion of your commissions to purchase these licenses. This is an unlimited

– Withdrawals
We are working on ensuring our pay-outs are down quicker. This is important for those withdrawing into USDT- BEP20 which is being processed 2 – 3 times a week. In addition we have also increased our pay-out limits based on the withdraw method chosen.

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Last week we announced our next AWAKEN V will be at the Dominican Republic for our 3 year anniversary.

This will be at an all inclusive resort and the trip includes airport transfers, company excursions & parties. Anything personally organized by the leaders is at their expense.

Automated Trip Point Wallet – Tool to track  your AWAKEN points
Tracking your AWAKEN points now is all automated and can be seen on your home dashboard.  The Trip points are added to your wallet as you achieve points through the different sales activities. These are updated in real time and once you get to the qualification target you will have earned the trip.

Trip qualification targets are:
– 500 points – Fully Qualified
– 750 points – Full Qualified + 1

12 week Qualification Program – started 2nd December, 2022
We have now started the qualification program and it ends 24th February, 2023.  We also shared the qualification document in the Telegram channel last week and you can also find the document in the download resources section and also the corporate dropbox.

– Important notes shared on the Global Call:
– The US $1000 towards your airfare will NOT be paid if you do not attend.
– X-Node Rentals not included in the Point system.
– Purchases by personals are included – newcomers + renewal & they must remain ACTIVE through the qualification period. If they run inactive the points are lost.
– All perpetual License will be 20 points
– Points awarded weekly for achieving the next rank-

– Community Vote
We put the X-Node rentals up for a community vote to decide if those sales should be included at a lower PV or not included at all in the AWAKEN points system.  The decision will be announced during the next Global call.

(Please see the Global call for more details and download your AWAKEN qualification guide)

X-Node Summit January 14, 2023
At The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Salt Lake City

You’re invited to witness history in the making, the official iX Global 2023 Kick-off event that will pave the way for the “Road to 500 million”!

– Leadership Mastermind
– iX Opportunity Seminar for new members
– Dinner with members of the DEBT Council
– Opportunity to meet iX Corporate Team
– Top Secret Announcements
– Two NEW Projects Launching
– Giveaways

For event registration & hotel booking please click the link below:

Official YouTube promo video:

Important notes For the Registration Process

Step 1: Complete Registration

Step 2: Are you booking rooms at the HYATT REGENCY Salt Lake City?

If yes
– You registration summary is complete and will find a ‘zero’ amount price – click ‘Submit’.
– Click on ‘Book Hotel’ button and complete booking and secure your ‘Zero cost pricing.

If No
– Complete your registration.
– Check mark and agree the box that states “I understand if I am not staying at the Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City, I am still able to attend the VIP Dinner for $125 per person.

X-Node Summit Giveaway (Early Bird Opportunity)
Anyone attending the X-Node Summit has the opportunity to enter into our giveaway: (Must have either booked hotel or purchased ticket to the VIP Gala dinner before the December 14th deadline to participate)

– 1 DEBT Perpetual License
– 2 XPLR Perpetual Licenses
– 2 ALUM Perpetual Licenses

To receive TWO entries into the giveaway you need to book and stay at the hotel.
To receive ONE entry into the giveaway you need to buy an entry to the VIP X-Node Dinner.

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X-Node Update

Introducing X-Cloud Hosting

Earlier this year we shared that we would look to implement a hosting fee for the Perpetual licenses.  In this week’s global called we announced this implementation would happen in the first week of January 2023 and will be called ‘X-Cloud Hosting’.  We are offering our members a company wide solution to host your perpetual licenses.  This will be the quickest and easiest way to keep your license mining 24/7

Other solutions include:-

– The DEBT Box Desktop App  (1 License – (computer has to be turned on)

– VBox by DEBT (Being launched by DEBT)

– Third Party  (self service option and set up your own server and hosting but more of a technical challenge)

Price structure starts at US$15 and increases in line with the quantity of licenses in your collection.  This includes PV based on the price structure you in.

We will have a monthly (cycle) subscription and an annual subscription..

More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Last Round of BGLD Rentals until Q2 – 2023

The DEBT Council made the decision that December would be the last round until Q2, 2023.  If your focus is Token accumulation then now is the time to make the final purchases of BGLD until next year.

X-Node Rental availability (120,000 Available) & Purchase Process

Please see our image below for the current availability of our Rental Nodes.

Purchasing for your rentals has been revised and you can purchase them in your back office and NOT via the X-Node Dashboard. To purchase your Perpetual or Rental License please follow these steps below:-

-> Account Management
-> Package Purchase
-> Purchase Add-ons only
-> X-Node Add-Ons
-> Select X-Node(s)
-> Complete purchase process

Once you have completed your purchase and your payment clears your license(s) will be assigned to your account. To see your ‘pending’ licenses go to the  ‘pending’ tab on your X-Node Dashboard.  Once activated they’ll reposition under the ‘rental’ tab.

NOTE:  ONLY contact Support via the ‘Contact Us’ tool if your License has not been assigned to your account after 48 hours.

Price Increase from December 15th, 2022

Please note that the GROW/XPLR/ALUM Perpetual Licenses will see a price increase starting on December 15th, 2022.  We encourage you to get make any purchases you need now before the price goes up.  Please remind your teams and your community.

X-Node Disclaimer

The X-Node Disclaimer is Live.  All X-Node members MUST eSign this document at the initial purchase.  Please understand we are NOT a Return on investment’ company.  You are purchasing a perpetual or rental mining software license for a specific period of time and cycle.

Each Wednesday we continue to host the weekly X-Node Masterclass with our iX Global Founder & CEO, Joe Martinez at 9am Utah Time.  This call keeps you up to date with the latest updates, education and product updates.  All recordings can be found in the X-Node Masterclass section of your academy.    Please see the Telegram Announcement Channel for the Zoom link and password.

Disclaimer: “Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.”

Cryptoland  Key Points 

– New website and trailer was shared and ready.  Please see the website here – https://cryptoland.io/

– New accessories assets for the characters

– Be on the look out for new announcements sharing the next steps and how Cryptoland will roll out.

– Community numbers will be confirmed shortly.  On a previous call it was announced that those members who had purchased with Epins incorrectly was now going to be honoured even though they had NOT followed the process correctly.

– Cory will start attending these calls in the coming weeks and helping give training and direction in Cryptoland.

Lastly, all Cryptoland users need to create a Trustline with Cryptoland aswell as download and set up a Xumm wallet.

Each Friday we continue to host the weekly Cryptoland Masterclass with our iX Global CSO, Joshua Phair at 11am Utah Time.  This call keeps you up to date with the latest updates.  All recordings can be found in the Cryptoland section of your academy.

Please use this webinar link:  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83874092392

Disclaimer: “Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.”

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