Explore: 8 Key Benefits

XPLR provides a technology-driven approach to the commodities exploration industry with multiple benefits for producers of raw materials. At the same time, the project allows all interested persons to support the real-world industry through blockchain and earn digital currency rewards.

  1. Advanced proprietary remote sensing and satellite imagery technology;
  2. Drastically reducing the amount of costs and resources needed for exploration;
  3. Establishing more commodity target value;
  4. Creating efficiencies throughout exploration, extraction, refining and/or production of raw commodities;
  5. Establishing value earlies in the process thanks to tokenization;
  6. Allowing for more eco-friendly operations with less unnecessary drilling;
  7. Maximizing realized extraction value of commodities;
  8. Stable off take for raw commodity production.

Explore Milestones

The Explore project and its partners have already completed a number of key milestones required for sustainable work on the merge of the commodity industry and blockchain:

  • Hold exclusive contractual right of the use for proprietary satellite technology.
  • Partner with Commodity Development and Natural Resource Estimate companies in the USA and in Africa.
  • Secure several physical commodity projects to support enhanced production within agriculture, crude oil and gas, minerals and mining, etc. and offtake royalty payment cash flows from these industries.
  • Identify probable and proven natural resources reserves for extraction and development.
  • Listing XPLR token on PancakeSwap

Utility and Tokenomics

The Explore (XPLR) token has been designed as a deflationary token, to create a true supply and demand economic dynamic. The XPLR project is supported by four areas:

  1. XPLR project royalties coming from commodity-oriented companies through our chosen partner.
  2. XPLR software mining license purchases. For every purchased license, a predetermined amount of XLPR token rewards will be placed into the XPLR ecosystem pool.There are a total of 500,000 licenses.
  3. Annual halving, which takes place every year on October 1st. During this process, 50% of the XPLR tokens available in the pool are burned and removed from circulation to support the true value.
  4. Transactional fees within the D.E.B.T. blockchain ecosystem. XPLR is subject to a 10% transaction fee.

Earn Daily Rewards With Licenses!

The XPLR project will offer 500,000 retail software mining licenses. When all licenses are sold, they will be converted to transferable NFTs, becoming a perpetual asset.


The Explore (XPLR) Token project is a unique initiative developed by the D.E.B.T. ecosystem that provides advanced technology to real-world commodity producers, and gives an opportunity for public society to become a part of this initiative while earning crypto rewards.